Leaving the Lights On Tonight

by Ryan on March 28, 2009

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Earth Hour” dweebs around the planet want to have a billion people worldwide turn their lights off between 8:30 and 9:30 this evening to protect us all against the horrors of “global warming.”  Of course, they’ll claim a momentous victory even though after their friends, contributors to the ‘global warming” hysteria in Greece and other snotty privileged developed nations, and a few unknowing couples spending Saturday night “in,” who else will turn off the lights, especially during Elite 8 action wrapping up tonight around that time EDT?

Like vegetarians who choose to be so because of moral issues with eating tasty animals, these dweebs are suffering from a form of “affluenza“, being so privileged that they yearn for simpler times.  However, try telling the billion people currently living in dirt poverty around the world that they should turn their “lights” off… oh, do you mean the fire in the middle of our village or the 19th Century kerosene lanterns in our shanty huts? 

How about a little perspective:  What would be a better option for stopping “global warming:”  a kerosene-powered lantern and village fires or a incandescent bulb?  We should get a billion people hooked into a power grid rather than focus on punishing our affluence and success because a few college dweebs feel a professor-inspired guilt-trip must be shared with us all.

I’ll be sure to leave an extra light on in a room no one’s using to remind myself of the honor and privilege it means to live in a developed country with tons of resources.   Here’s my sentiment, mostly, when I feel affluenza may be coming on.

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