The Final Four are Here!

by Ryan on March 29, 2009

in Sports

And I only picked one of them!  AARGH!!! 

I am completely doomed in my office pool as Louisville was supposed to defeat Pitt for the Championship.  Alas, no.  Both fell this weekend.  The only one I picked in the Final Four was UNC… who was supposed to lose to Pitt next Saturday!  It’s never going to happen now. 

Last year, the only reason I didn’t pick Kansas for the Final Four was because there’s never been all #1 seeds in the Final Four and Kansas always underperformed… yeah, until they won it all last year!   I can’t win!  But, I suppose that’s why they say gamblers keep coming back because they are also bad at math.

Villanova (3) will face off against UNC (1) and Michigan State (2) will play against UConn (1) next week to determine who will play for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship game next Monday night.  I’m pushing for either UConn or Villanova, since under normal circumstances (when money’s not involved) I like the Big East.  Between those two I like UConn, because, you know, Phily’s kinda nasty.

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