It’s Too Late for Obamanomics

by Ryan on March 30, 2009

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The Chinese, the Czechs, the French and the Germans all have a similar thing to say:  You, America, are not going to take us down a road we know very well now that large segments of our populations have tasted the middle class and want to keep it.  It is very embarrassing to be even having this conversation before the G20 Summit. 

On one hand this is good news, even solid proof we won the ideological battle of economic systems.  Thomas Barnett argues this point in his book Great Powers, which I am currently reading.  So, Obama wants to take us back to the idyllic liberal paradise he devised in his head during one of his many cocaine-induced college stupors, mixed with shades of an ol’ Reverend Wright homily when “equality” sounded closer to Marx than either Jefferson or Jesus?  Let him try.

But, the world is telling us (schooling us even) on pulling back from the populist Keynesian abyss.  Why?  Because we won that debate, even if some in America can’t remember (or choose not to).  The student of our globalization model is becoming our teacher through these latest international outbursts.  Don’t expect much from the G20, but what is simply speaking-out today might very well be action tomorrow, and we might not be invited into that conversation if we continue down this path. 

It’s too late for Obamanomics — it’s so very 1930s when what we need a 21st Century solution which recognizes that our economic decisions affect those well beyond our borders, not just the populist rubes of Obama’s current ruling majority.

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MAS1916 March 30, 2009 at 11:03 pm

Too true!!!

The Chinese won’t buy our debt instruments and the Germans (fortunately) won’t go along with major expansions of debt. It will be interesting to see if the European press gives Obama the kid-glove treatment he usually gets on CNN.

Europeans have figured out that Obamanomics is unsustainable and will lead to rapid inflation. Obama will be forced to print the dollars he needs to fund his outrageous expenditures because no sane investor will purchase US debt until he is out of office.

At least Europe and China understand what he is attempting. Unfortunately, the Teachers Unions have produced an entire generation of economically ignorant US voters that carried the Chosen One into office.


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