Liberals Don’t Care About The Rule of Law

by Sal on March 31, 2009

in Law,Politics

Glenn Beck interviewed the Connecticut Attorney General (D-CT) yesterday on his Fox News television show regarding the Connecticut AG’s call to punish those who received bonuses for AIG.  As well as challenging him on why he was going after AIG executives but not fellow party member Chris Dodd, who is plagued with scandal, Beck kept pounding the point that what the Attorney General was doing was not in accordance with the law.  Beck kept challenging him on whether the AIG bonuses violated the law, or whether the government had any right to the bonuses because of the law.  The AG, however, couldn’t give any other answer other than “they are undeserving of it” and that it was bad public policy for the AIG executives to receive bonuses.

Besides being good television this video highlights the fact that liberals just don’t care about the rule of law.  We’ve seen this before in Al Gore’s recount attempt, in the flap over the firing of U.S. attorneys, and in the Left’s general disregard for the U.S. Constitution.  The left only cares about it’s own feelings of who is deserving and who is not.  Government is now in the business of picking winners and losers, and deciding the fates of companies with large sums of money.  When we don’t have the rule of law to protect us, what prevents the government from deciding that you or I are undeserving of the fruits of our labors, or even our freedoms?  Once the rule of law is no longer held sacred, it is a short step to tyranny, either by dictatorship, oligarchy, or mob-rule.  The rule of law is a safeguard to allow all individuals the freedom to live their lives and pursue their dreams without fear of repercussions or of harm.  When the government ignores the rule of law, the foundation of society begins to crumble.

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