On the Government Couch

by Ryan on March 31, 2009

in Culture,Economy,Politics

Depressed?  Dejected?  Sad?  Unemployed?  Suicidal?

Well, the government has got just the site for you!  Forget your therapist, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)  has set up a guide to “Getting Through Tough Economic Times“!   Glad to see the government is squeezing more private sector therapy jobs through boosting SAMHSA staff members, on top of the stateside heroine the government’s peddling, better known as “stimulus,” which is crushing other private sector opportunities.

So, they contribute greatly to our pain by breaking our monetary system, pushing bad loan practicesfor decades, and bankrupting our children through unsustatinable government largesse, and now lecture us on how to deal with it — don’t kill yourself, try to notice signs of stress, and many other things I’m glad the Nanny State is telling me!

Plus, I’ve never even heard of SAMHSA before, but then again I’ve never been in the Ministry of Love before either.

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