They Huff. They Puff. But They Won’t Blow the Blogs Down.

by Mike on March 31, 2009

in Politics

Andrew Breitbart has a excellent piece in the Washington Times on liberal trolling of conservative websites.  According to Breitbart, the recent uptick in liberal trolling on the right side of the blogosphere is the result of a coordinated effort.  This is especially interesting to us because this website and a mid-sized blog on our blogroll was targeted in such a manner just a few weeks ago.

In our case, there was a sudden surge of liberal hijinks from several people who all came from the same left-wing website (you would know the name) and basically posted the same comments while insulting us and our readers.  Strangely, the trolls focused on criticizing things like  our site’s visual design and the books we read.  Those who managed to address a topic merely posted talking points while stupidly dismissing successful rebuttals as “right wing.”  After some mild troll control over a few, they and the rest suddenly vanished.

We were relatively lucky though.  We had fewer unwelcome guests than some other conservative sites and our trolls weren’t that bright.  Maybe that will change of our site continues to grow as it has during the last month or two.

Either way, liberal tactics in cyberspace need to be exposed.  Almost all conservatives and probably the majority of liberals welcome open discussion, but as Breitbart notes, there is a distinction between open discussion and what the left has been up to.

Much of Mr. Obama’s vaunted online strategy involved utilizing “Internet trolls” to invade enemy lines under false names and trying to derail discussion. In the real world, that’s called “vandalism.” But in a political movement that embraces “graffiti” as avant-garde art , that’s business as usual. It relishes the ability to destroy other people’s property in pursuit of electoral victory.

I guess they have nothing better to do, but people are catching on.  The conservatives blogosphere will out the trolling just like Limbaugh outed the seminar callers and just like Ace and others outed the astroturfers.  Besides, sometimes it’s just obvious.

Hat tip: Urban Grounds

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