NY-20 Down To The Absentees

by Sal on April 1, 2009

in Politics

With 100% of the ballots counted, Democrat Scott Murphy leads Republican Jim Tedesco by a mere 65 votes.  The election is now in a holding pattern as there are some 6,000+ absentee ballots and even more provisional ballots yet to be counted, which have been sealed by a court and will not be counted until next week.  Additionally, the deadline to receive overseas ballots is April 13.  Tedesco is down slightly, but by no means out, as the absentees could easily go either way and Republicans are typically more likely to send in absentee ballots.  If the race is close enough after the absentees (less than 500 votes) there will likely be a recount, so it could be a long time before NY-20 is decided.

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