Democrats Support the Troops But

by Mike on April 2, 2009

in Election 2009,Politics

They just have to make it as difficult as possible for them to vote in elections.  When Democrats claim to support to the troops, simply strike every word in the sentence before the “but” and you are left with what they really mean.  In this instance, Democrats claim to support the troops in the same way most Americans do, but can’t quite follow through because the U.S. military is the toughest voting bloc for the Democrats to trick.

Maybe its the fact that military spending is the one area of the budget over which the Democrats are concerned about wasting taxpayer dollars.  Maybe it’s the fact that Democrats seem to root for our troops in battle.  Whatever the reason, the American military is one voting bloc that always seems to tip to the GOP and the Democrats know it.  That’s why the Democrats tried to disenfranchise the troops in 2000.  That’s why they tried to disenfranchise the troops in 2008.  That’s why they tried to disenfranchise the troops in the recent special election between Jim Tedisco and Scott Murphy.

The Democrats always claim to support the troops.  When they do, look after the but.

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