Steven Crowder on Rain Man Joe Biden

by Mike on April 2, 2009

in Comedy,Media Bias,Politics

It’s Thursday!  That means its time for another Steven Crowder video.  This week, Crowder bemoans the fact that media bias is really depriving the American people of comedy gold.  Well, we’re not deprived.  We follow Steven Crowder.

He mentions three Biden gaffes that we “probably haven’t heard” but actually have.  That’s because we follow politics.  That said, most people who don’t follow politics haven’t heard Biden’s gaffes because the media isn’t doing its job.  Thankfully, the internet gives us access to people like Crowder who can help us spread the word and laugh while doing so.

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Ron Russell April 4, 2009 at 9:04 pm

Steven is great, an answer to SNL. To few conservative voices in comedy. Wish this guy could get his own show. Maybe on MSNBC, ha, suppose they have enough comedy there already. They all have tingles running up their legs already. Found a cure for constipation just a joke.


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