A Dark Room in Binghamton

by Ryan on April 4, 2009

in Culture,Economy,Religion

Jiverly Wong (Voong) killed 13 people in Binghamton, New York, yesterday.  He lost his job.  He saw no direction in his life and made the conscious calculation to end the lives of others, barricading doors and wearing body armor while he shot up the Binghamton Immigration Center.  “Coward” hardly describes Wong, but it is a place to start.  It wasn’t “society” that caused this.  It wasn’t America’s “gun culture” that caused this.  It wasn’t even the “economy” that caused this.  It was one deranged man who in his twisted mental state found the means to kill others and acted on it by himself.  He indeed was a coward, a beast, selfish, pitiful, and writhing in Hell before even yesterday’s events.

Let’s just say for the moment that our eternal soul exists.  What’s to say that at the moment of death the consciousness which forms our soul suddenly changes either?  Who’s to say that suicide relieves the soul of its malady, its sadness, its depression?  What if you’re soul is still in pain?  Just now your dead too. 

In that sense, I believe Wong’s problems haven’t ended for him at all.  He still suffers in my opinion.  Some people find comfort in a God, others in denying God or putting faith in humanity.  Yet, (for the sake of argument) if what CS Lewis says is true, that “the doors of Hell are locked on the inside,” then Wong’s actions have indeed damned him to a dark empty room where he only has himself to deal with until he’s ready to leave.  Given the likely state of his soul in the last moments of his mass murder/suicide, he’s apt to be there for a while.  Because in the end, there’s no way to escape from yourself, and by extension your actions – even in death. 

What is this world, oh soldiers?  It is I!  I, this incessant snow, this Northern sky.  Soldiers, the solitude through which we go is I.  –William de la Mare

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