Fraudsters Denied, but Oh What A Ride

by Mike on April 7, 2009

in Anything Else

Here’s my scary experience of the day.  About an hour ago, I made a purchase at a sporting goods store.  I gave the cashier my credit card, and she informed me that the card was denied.  That’s weird.  The card is nowhere near maxed out and I always make timely payments.  As I got into my car, I called the automated system and learned that the card was closed.  Even weirder.

It turns out that my credit card was closed by the credit card company’s fraud department because a store I frequent recently had their computers hacked and all their customers’ credit card information compromised.  It turns out the credit card company was in the process of mailing a new card with a different account number.

So my thoughts this evening went from confusion over why my credit card was denied, to anger over the fact that my credit card account was closed without my knowledge, fear that personal information is highly susceptible to fraudsters, to relief that my card company still valued my business.  Well, at least I can play soccer tomorrow.

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