No “Fair-Weather” Patriots in Trenton

by Ryan on April 15, 2009

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I’ve just returned from a Tax Day Tea Party in Trenton, New Jersey, in front of the State Capitol Building.  It was rainy, wet, windy, nasty — no “fair-weather patriots” as the lead organizer Brian indicated.  My feet were freezing and my throat raw, but the spirit was there from the young to the very old.  We could have used some of the Left’s global warming today — sometimes I kinda wish their b-s- was true!  But I would say that – I’m officially a right-wing extremist for even attending one of these grassroots protests!

Roughly 250-300 people turned out, braving the elements to hear some truth and to know that they are not alone in their disgust.  The signs were clever and the energy was pretty high for such a nasty day.  Non-leftist protests are always so smooth and sanguine when directions are given by the organizers to move this or rearrange that due to permit requirements — no black t-shirted miscreants tearing down Trenton, just a few obnoxious city workers in garbage trucks honking so much they obviously wanted to shut us up.  We even had a nutroot plant say “Kill him” when Governor Corzine’s name was brought up, and “We want violent revolution” was shouted right when the Fox 29 camera turned on — those two people quickly ran off.

A wreath-laying, Pledge and the National Anthem started the events.  Then came the voice of Ronald Reagan.  You’d think he was still with us commenting on today’s issues, but the words were excerpts from his 1980 RNC acceptance address.  Then, a number of speakers came up to tell everyday stories about how government power is reaching a threshold point.  Texas Governor Perry’s remarks about the boiling the frog also came up, along with a reading of the Declaration of Independence, which added some power and gravity to the theme of the day.  Plus, one guy got up there and read excerpts from Mark Levin’s new book, which was very cool.

All-in-all a pretty good protest, a nice turnout given the weather, and a lot of positive energy to take our mood and put our elected officials to task.  Saying “ENOUGH” is good for now, but pretty soon we’re going to have come up with lists of what we want cut, trimmed, or eliminated since our elected government functionaries can’t quite figure that out on their own.

Here are some pictures of a few signs:

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Ron Russell April 15, 2009 at 7:13 pm

I hope the Tea Parties are the beginning of a real movement that will stop the maddness sweeping through the halls of Congress, things are getting out of hand quickly and something must happen to reign in these radicals now running the government. Maybe, just maybe the tea parties will act as a catalyst, a spark, that will ignite a great fire-storm that will cleanse this land.


Chris April 15, 2009 at 11:14 pm

As a result of having to work and not having a Tea Party in the area of NJ where I was at the correct time, I did not get to go. The one that I had hoped to go to, in Morristown on “The Green”, attracted 1000!

I was at a political thing tonight and heard a few updates from people who did go. The Republican gubernatorial candidates attended this Tea Party rally and were, no surprise here, criticized by the NJ Dems. Also, Jon Stewart appeared on “The Green” with a camera crew trying to interview unsuspecting participants, getting them on “The Daily Show and very likely with selective editing, making them look like fools. One of my friends spread the word about their presence and there were many interview refusals as a result…way to go Ted!

I hear Piscataway’s Tea Party Rally had 500 participants!


Rachelle April 16, 2009 at 12:32 pm

Little R.I. had 2,000 show up at its Tea Party. People moved in and out, but there was always a minimum of 500 people at one time. Do you think that our Democratic party will get the hint? Too much money is given for special causes…mostly to those who don’t contribute a fair share of taxes on earned income.


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