John Madden Leaves the Booth

by Ryan on April 16, 2009

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Former NFL coach and renowned commentator John Madden is retiring from the booth.  The last game he called was Super Bowl XLIII last February.  He will be replaced on Sunday Night Football by Cris Collinsworth. If he follows the Favre model, we’ll see him in September, but most sources believe this retirement is legit, that he’s finally “parked the bus” at age 73.

I liked Madden, except for a five-year period in the 1990s where every single thing the Dallas Cowboys did was as good as gold — all the good plays were great, all the botched plays had nothing to do with the opposing team’s talent, and all the close calls were all pro-Dallas favorable accidents.  Then the Broncos eclipsed the Cowboys by 1998 and Madden dropped the love-affair.  He rekindled a similar love-affair with Peyton Manning’s Colts and Tom Brady’s Patriots this decade, but never to Dallas proportions.

His analysis was simple and repetitive, not getting too deep as to throw off the audience.  He always had his entire audience in mind — the old-school fans, the new fans and the casual spectators that didn’t know all the ins-and-outs.  He was “football” in the booth;  you trusted his point of view, knowing his history, his own talent, and his analytical eye.

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Scott April 16, 2009 at 10:36 pm

I will definitely miss Madden. He was a class act and personified football.

As much as he gushed over Brett Favre, one might speculate that he retired because Brett did.


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