Released CIA Memo Details Interrogation Techniques

by Ryan on April 17, 2009

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Water-boarding, bugs, leashes, loud music, diapers, sleep deprivation:  all techniques used in the interrogation of really bad people at Club Gitmo.  All of them were used with the intent not to do permanent harm, but to leave that impression with the prisoner; hence, skirting any potential claims of torture from a legal stand-point — the bugs weren’t harmful, the diapers were changed, they eventually did get some sleep and proper calories, and some may have gotten a little wet before telling us how they were going to kill more Americans.  The legality of all that will undoubtedly be debated for years.

But, don’t wait for me to shed a tear. 

The release of these memos has done real harm to our security network as former CIA chief Michael Hayden has said, because even if actionable intelligence is received, suddenly there may be timidity from our agents to divulge this info.  Plus, our enemies will just sit quietly and wait for their lawyers, using our questioning as ammunition for their legal case (terrorism as a mere law-enforcement issue: pre-9/11 anyone?).  The Left fundamentally misunderstands one critical point about prisoners — fear of imprisonment is a serious deterrent, even if that imprisonment is, in reality, not that bad (we don’t peel-off fingernails or put hot steel on their bellies).  Ask an Islamo-fascist if they’d rather be taken prisoner by the Israelis, or by the Americans.  I bet more would want to stay at Club Gitmo and keep their intel to themselves.  We’ve lost that “fear,” meaning we’ve lost a tangible asset, a real tactical loss.

Monday morning quarterbacking will get us nowhere and the Obama Administration has played to its fringe base at the expense of national security.  Nothing out of the ordinary — I expected this.  However, it’s the one political danger Obama is risking to his extreme peril — if we have no future attacks in America, then the “dark and painful” chapter is truly behind us.  Yet, if something does happen and it can be traced to these policies, then there’s no one else to blame.  That is truly an immense risk, and an unnecessary one we all may have to suffer.  So, on par, I absolutely agree with Hayden that this release does more harm than good.

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April 21, 2009 at 7:26 am

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rightonoz April 17, 2009 at 7:24 pm

Hi Ryan,

While I understand American’s real fear of further attacks, the methods revealed in this report include interrogation techniques that resulted in Japanese being charged with war crimes by the US after WWII and found guilty by US military courts.

While I am not a lawyer, my studies have included legal subjects, including some aspects of international law. The methods are in the majority opinions clear breach of treaties and accepted practice, regardless of the semantics of the ‘legal opinions’.

I do give Obama credit for clearly stating that the people involved will not be charged as they acted upon orders backed with (flawed) legal opinion. I hope he has the spine to face down the hard left who seem hell bent on trials.

I know that some in the US have a distain for international treaties and accepted practice, however I was reminded very forcefully of the slippery slope on this one last night watching a documentary on the Iranian Embassy hostage crisis. It included some very revealing interviews with the hostage takers, members of the then Iranian government and the radical clerics who used this as a means to overthrow the secular government intitially put in place by Khomeni and to put Iran on the path to it’s current position.

The Iranian govt of the time was outflanked by the radicals who managed to back Khomeni into a corner after he initially ordered the rescue and release of the hostages and the honouring of international conventions on treatment of embassy staff and prisoners.

If Carter had handed the Shah over or at very least kicked him out of the US, the radicals would have been outflanked. (And let’s face it he was a butcher and if had been a left wing butcher the US would have been only too happy to have seen him butchered)

Looking further back in history it was a clear case of the US (with British encouragement) overthrowing a moderate elected socialist (Mossadegh) to safeguard US/UK financial interests and setting Iran on it’s course to today – but then hindsight is always 20/20.

Don’t get me wrong I see the current Iranian government as the most dangerous threat to international stability, however it is always interesting to look into history to see where the fork in the road occured that could have resulted in a very different ending.

Tomorrow night I am going to be watching a documentary based on the release of Vatican files on the Inquisition and the years before and after. From the adverts it’s not an attack on the Church, but a revelation of the politics and power struggles of the time that included the Church as the two were so entwined. While our SBS is often a hotbed of left wing politics, they do show documentaries that the commercial stations are too scared to air.


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