Sarah Palin’s Choice of Life

by Sal on April 17, 2009

in Culture,Politics,Religion,Right to Life

Sarah Palin spoke last night at a pro-life fundraiser in Indiana.  While there, she gave a very real, human accounting of the thoughts that went through her mind when she found out that she was pregnant with her fifth child Trig, who also suffers from Down Syndrome. In it, Palin admits to briefly contemplating an abortion,  illustrate how she can understand the temptation but then expounding on the beautiful life that God graced her with in her son Trig.

The left is already seizing on this speech, saying it shows that the choice needs to exist and that it was brave of her to make such an admission to such a judgemental crowd.  In reality, those on the left who state this don’t understand what those of us who are Pro-Life believe, and those of us who are Christians believe.  Temptation to do wrong is a fact of life.  We are all tempted to do things that are not right and that we know are wrong.  When faced with tough situations, temptations to take the easy way out are all the more difficult.  Sarah’s temptation and ultimate choice of life for her baby boy don’t show that women should have the choice, but rather show a brave woman who lived up to her ideals when faced with a difficult situation.   Palin’s comments are both beautifully profound and genuine.  Her words share a deeply personal experience with the rest of us in the hope of illustrating the value of all human life in all its stages.

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