Obama’s Cybertax Increase

by Mike on April 21, 2009

in Economy,Politics

The Obama Administration is considering a proposal that would tax online purchases at the sales tax rate of the state in which the purchasers live.  This proposal comes as no surprise to those of us who knew Obama was lying when he promised tax cuts during to the campaign.

During the campaign, Obama promised to cut taxes for 95 percent of the American people and many of his supporters point to the extra $13 in many Americans’ weekly paychecks as evidence of a promise kept.  What those people fail to mention is that this and the President’s other planned tax increases will more than offset the weekly McDonald’s allowance.

Equally troubling is the stealth taxation factor.  Under this proposal, private companies like EBay and Amazon will be forced to collect taxation according to the laws of 50 states.  This means that the costs incurred by those companies to determine current law in the fifty states, monitor proposed and actual changes in the laws of the states, and implement and maintain a system to collect taxes in accordance with the various tax schemes will also be passed on to consumers.  More hassle.  Less money.  Some tax cut.

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