Swine Flu Arrives in the USA

by Ryan on April 26, 2009

in International Relations,Natural Disasters,Politics

Another surprise from Latin America:  the US, Canada, Israel, Spain, France, Britain, Australia and New Zealand are either testing for or confirming cases of a deadly swine flu outbreak from (of all places) Mexico!

Aside from targeting war vets and political conservatives as potential “man-made disaster makers” (that’s “terrorists” to those living with a post-9/11 worldview), Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano found time today to issue a public health emergency regarding this outbreak, which has already infected parts of California, Texas, Kansas, Ohio, and recently New York.  This is the kind of thing she should be focused on, rather than on those who attend Tax Day Tea Parties, so she gets a little silver star sticker for this one.

The swine flu spreads like a regular flu except that the incubation period before symptoms emerge is very brief – only 24-48 hours.  Then, it hits you and hits hard!  However, simple anti-viral drugs can seriously help those not too young, not too old or those with immune deficiencies.  The pandemic is only in its infancy, so maybe with enough precautions this thing will wind down sooner than later.  In the mean time — wash your hands, pig!

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