One Less Pale Pastel

by Ryan on April 28, 2009

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Pennsylvania Senator “Benedict” Arlen Specter finally jumped ship and embraced his inner wuss — he’s become a Democrat.  On March 17th in an interview with The Hill, he said this about staying a Republican:

So why the jump?  Principle or politics?  Hmm…  We all know the answer to that.

Check out this poll taken Friday which has conservative Republican Pat Toomey beating the tar out of Specter by 21 points if the primary were held then!  Specter was only one of three Republican Senators who voted for the 1,100-page monstrosity, known as the Stimulus Package.  His vote could have stopped the vote from taking place.  He’s was more interested in being liked than adhering to this “principles.”

Though he considers himself Reagan Republican (yeah I laughed too!), he was just a left-over pale pastel that the Republican Party needed to exorcise years ago.  Adding Al Franken’s Minnesota theft, Socialist Bernie Sanders, and Joe Lieberman give the Democrat caucus 60 votes — filibuster-proof.  The Dems get everything and anything they want.  Complete power until at least 2010.  Complain about the Republicans all you want, they aren’t able to do anything real to stop the Obama agenda.  Sad, but at least we’re cleaning the windshield before restarting the engine.  Scraping gunk like Specter off that windshield only helps clear our vision down the road.

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May 7, 2009 at 7:58 am

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James Douglass April 28, 2009 at 10:02 pm

No one is going to miss “Snarling Arlen” . The Republican Senatorial Committee’s failure to endorse Pat Toomey last time cost the Republican party my support for many years to come. I know there are a lot of adults “asleep at the wheel” right now. Hopefully most of them will awaken before we no longer have a country we can recognize. Keep up the good work.

Jim Douglass
Garden City, Kansas


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