The First 100 Days

by Ryan on April 29, 2009

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One hundred days into the Obama Nation and life continues, though things seem more insecure and ominous every time Obama speaks.  And there’s 1,361 more days until January 20, 2013! 

A lot of damage has been done, which has been cataloged here since Day One: Year Zero, (January 20, 2009, in the PO calender: PO,”Pre-Obama” or in our case “PO” could easily mean “Post-Obama” too!). 

And he’s not done.  The Dems aren’t done.  The Lefties aren’t done either. 

But that’s the future (shudder). 

Looking back on the past a quote comes to mind which wrap-ups everything that scares me about the Obama Nation: “You never want a serious crisis go to waste.”  -Rahm Emanuel, November 19, 2008.  Add that ominous phrase to the “Only Government” speech Obama himself gave on January 8, 2009 and you have the root of my many apprehensions. 

Both of those philosophies taken together (ramming through big government solutions while maintaining a crisis mood to intimidate opposition or debate) articulate  the crux of what we have and what we will experience in the next 1,361 days.  There is no past, just now.  There is no future, just now.  And all that’s easier to handle when you don’t have to think.

Take Obama’s economic philosophy (the 70-year-old debunked ideology of a bygone era), and you can see why he apologizes for his nation overseas and would prefer a weak America — America has become great through a free-market-based system Obama abhors as unfair; rather than share its wealth-creating abilities, he prefers apologizing for it.  Obama doesn’t believe in what made us great, and that comes off very plainly. 

FDR used his first hundred days in office to attempt to fix a crisis.  While doing so he unknowingly tried to supplant our republic with a less stable democracy through the politically selfish, power-centered New Deal, which changed the way the American people viewed their government — as a place to advance special interests at the expense of taxpayers and the majority; ultimately, demonstrating an ignorance about James Madison’s dangers of the “mischiefs of faction” from Federalist #10. 

We’re a strong people, though, and we’ve managed pretty well nonetheless.  We survived FDR’s many emergencies and we’ll survive Obama’s contrived or real emergencies too.  Learning from Ronald Reagan, I believe that we’re a people who have a government, not the other way around.

I would just give Obama this little piece of advice if I could:  a government which openly and proudly mortgages the financial health of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren for temporary political gain isn’t one that can escape the ire of its people forever.

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