Republican Resurgence

by Sal on April 30, 2009

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The defection of Arlen Specter has been touted as the death-knell of the Republican party, a sign that the party has become a regional, exclusive party with no room for dissent.  While the conventional wisdom looks at the GOP as being down, and polls show the GOP’s continued irrelevance, there are signs of a GOP resurgence on the horizon.  While many GOP leaders have made mistakes, voting for the AIG bonus bill that was an unconstitutional bill of attainder, as well as for the TARP program, almost all GOP members held firm on the porkulus bill earlier this year, and now the members of the house GOP have unanimously voted against Obama’s $3.2 trillion budget deficit creation bill (see chart below) .  With Obama’s policies likely to lead to further recession and a possible collapse of the U.S. Dollar, it is important for Republicans to distance themselves from these policies.  Since they are powerless to stop them, the only thing they can do is sound  the warning alarms, record the soundbites, and get ready for 2010 (one such soundbite is Obama’s claim that his porkulus bill has already “created or saved” 150,000 jobs when the economy has lost 2.5 million jobs since his inauguration, and has not yet had a month of positive job growth).

Yet there is more to be done by the GOP.  They need to organize better to get out a positive agenda of limited government to counter the ballooning budget deficits.  This appears to be happening with a new group, composed of House and Senate Republicans, along with Governors of the various states and former GOP politicians.  The organization, known as the “National Council for a New America” as a policy forum to craft the national Republican agenda for 2010 and beyond.  Such a strategy has worked before.  In the 1993, then GOP-chair Haley Barbour created such a group, and it was instrumental in defining the Contract with America that led to the Republican revolution.  The good news is that Gov. Barbour is involved in this new group, along with Gov. Bobby Jindal, and former Govs. Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush.  It remains to be seen what this group will accomplish, but it is an encouraging sign that he GOP is serious about trying to craft new policies based on Conservative efforts in an effort to get in a position to slow down or stop many elements of Obama’s agenda in 2010 and beyond.  The fight will not be easy — 10 seats in the Senate and 30+ seats in the house is a tall order, but with the damage Obama is doing to the country, the GOP should make some serious gains in 2010 — if they can convince the American people that they will be the party of fiscal responsibility again.

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