I’m Not Listening to Another Bush

by Ryan on May 4, 2009

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Some Republican leaders have been busy going on a “listening tour.”  I get it.  Our leaders need direction.  So, Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney are among those trying to get their face out there between now and the 2012 election cycle, while those like elected representative Eric Cantor are trying to find real consensus to counter the Libs in Washington. 

I’m not a big fan of Clinton-like “listening tours,” especially one headed by a Bush.  In this “listening tour,” Jeb is asking the party and movement to move away from Reagan “nostalgia.”  I’m pretty insulted by that, not because I think we should run against Jimmy Carter and the Soviet threat in 2010, but because relegating the Reagan Revolution to a distant emotion seeks to diminish the timeless ideas reinvigorated during that period — limited government, strong defense, and spreading freedom (both economic and political) through leading by example.

Many Republicans never understood Reagan, evidenced by Arlen Specter and John McCain thinking they’re like Reagan because they’re in a few photos with him 25 years ago.  They understood Reagan could help them win and many just went with it, without trying understand the larger message.  That’s obvious.  Even if they did, Washington culture corrupted many of them into viewing the maintenance of power as the point of elected office.

So, enough with the Bush’s!  A name and a watered-down Democrat-lite message won’t help any of us get out of this funk.  What’s wrong with simply taking simple Founding principles and applying them to today’s issues?  It’s not that complicated.

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