Manny Ramirez Out on 50 Game Suspension

by Ryan on May 7, 2009

in Bioethics,Sports

Manny, Manny, Manny… 

Fifty games out because you “saw a physician” who gave you a drug that contained a banned substance, hCG.  No steroids, but MLB isn’t messing around – MLB wants the drug-laden Steroids Era to end as soon as possible.  I like the zero tolerance stand that they have;  it’ll be helpful for the rehabilitation of the sport after the struggles of the last few years. 

Manny will be back by early July, but all this has to make you wonder about whether or not this kind of banned substance or other banned substances were used by Ramirez at any other point in his career.  How should Red Sox fans feel about this?  Was Manny’s contributions to the Sox’s recent success chemically tainted somehow?

Personally, I tend to think the Sox Fans should be pleased with this development — couldn’t have happened to a bigger jerk.  Plus, I think Yankee fans, who hated Manny for his success with the Sox, kind of like this air of intrigue to linger as long as it can.  An area where the Red Sox and Yankees see as one?  Shudder to think, but if anyone could bring these two rivals together, it would be seeing Manny Ramirez be taken down a peg!

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