Mediocre Health Care for All in Massachusetts

by Sal on May 7, 2009

in Politics

Massachusetts is the home to some of the best health care in the world.  The hospitals of Mass General, Dana-Farber, Brigham and Woman’s, and Children’s Hospital among others are some of the most advanced hospitals with medicine and procedures available that draw patients from all over the world.  Yet now, the Massachusetts State legislature is doing its best to try to destroy that high-quality health care system that we here in the People’s Republic take for granted.

It begins with the health care reform enacted by Gov. Mitt Romney and the Democrat Legislature (one of the reasons I think Mitt would make a good U.S. Senator, but should not be President).   The reform requires all Massachusetts residents to have full health insurance (catastrophic insurance as an option is excluded).  Those who cannot afford health care or who do not have access to health care from their employer can enroll in a State-run health insurance plan.  The problem with this plan is that it is becoming unsustainable.  People are switching to the public plan from their private plans because it is cheaper, and there are no wage restrictions on the plan.   Analysts predict that the plan will be insolvent in less than a decade.

Recently, a committee was formed to assess options on how to keep health care costs under control.  The panel has proposed a plan that would end the pay-for-service model in Massachusetts Health Care.  The proposed option would require all private insurers in the state to change to a flat annual fee plan (H/T: MrsSal),  which would require health care subscribers to pay one annual flat fee for all health care needs.  There are many problems with this.  First, it does not take into account the care that a person needs.  Since hospitals and doctors would be working at a flat rate, they would have an incentive to keep costs down by limiting the number of tests given, making the discovery of disease more difficult.  Additionally, there are many logistical problems, such as what to do with citizens who are from Massachusetts but have health care plans through their employers in neighboring New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, or New York.  Finally, this would also be problematic for people coming from out of state to receive health care at Dana-Farber or any of Boston’s other fine hospitals. The MA legislature and Governor Patrick wholeheartedly support the plan.

The Massachusetts Government enacted a health care plan less than five years ago and it is already nearly insolvent.  Why should we trust the same people to embark on something that has been tried and failed before?  The plan proposed by Barack Obama to “fix” health care is modeled on the Massachusetts plan.  America, this is what you will get.  Are you sure you’re ready for this “Hope and Change?”  If it means less access to health services and poor quality, my answer is a resounding “No.”

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Mark Kellen, MD May 8, 2009 at 3:57 pm

Great comments. Unfortunately, a large number of physicians push for government running the health care system thinking they will be helping their patients get medical care, when the exact opposite will result. Massachusetts is another perfect example of the tragedy of third party payment medical care. We need to push the money away from third parties (government and insurance companies) and back into the hands of the people. This will improve quality, access and decrease costs. Obama wishes for these goals, put his plan will fail.


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