Movie Review: Star Trek (2009)

by Ryan on May 8, 2009

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With the success of the X-Men movies and the Batman reboot, it was only a matter of time before the powers that be would revisit the Star Trek franchise.  With five TV series and ten movies, Star Trek was a definite niche money maker, but has seemed more like a spent force over the last half-decade. 

Nonetheless, Paramount got JJ Abrams to reboot the Star Trek franchise in an eleventh movie – a movie to be more modern and more accessible to the general movie-going pubilc.  The problem is simply that Star Trek is Star Trek and there’s some stigma behind the renowned geekdom of the Trekkie.  Can Abrams get around that while still satisfying the fan base?

Star Trek (2009) is a really solid movie.  It’s definitely a Star Trek movie, but I was refreshed by how human everybody was.  What I mean is that it always seems in Star Trek that they are advanced future people with not much in common with the humanity we have today.  Creator Gene Roddenberry’s world is a quasi-communist utopia where everyone acts well and is pretty clean; there’s no religion, no money, no disease or in other words, nothing to connect them to us other than utopian ideals on human nature.  There’s something less than human about humans in the 23rd Century of Gene Roddenberry. 

This movie makes people people, and I noticed it immediately.  I was struck on how normal everyone was:  Kirk is a young punk with baggage yet needs a role-model to achieve his potential, while Spock is biracial struggling to repress his human side that he’s not sure how to deal with, all along side Dr. McCoy who has reached a dead-end and wants a fresh life because his ex-wife is ruining his current one.  They were real people, not tight-wad uniformed military ambassadors to foreign worlds always ranting about protocol and human nature. 

Also, the ship makes you think:  I’ve seen a future where iPod rules the world and it’s Star Trek!  (very sleek ships)  The green chicks are always fun.  The bad-guy is a little “mental” to borrow a Ron Weasley phrase.  There’s a major event in the plot which breaks with ALL of the old Star Trek lore, opening the door for future movies with this cast and timeline (yes they play with the timeline once again in a Star Trek episode).

Plus, this movie is very accessible.  You don’t have to know anything about the old series to enjoy it.  Well-cast with a fast pace, this franchise reboot packs-in adventure, plot-twists, a decent musical score, with great chemistry, humor, friendships, tragedy, and nostalgia.  The kind of person who’d allow themselves to be dragged to see a comic movie would have no problems with this one.  Get past the old stigma, catch the reboot and buckle in!  As a recovering Trekkie myself, I’d give it an A-, but as a regular consumer of movies, it’s a solid B.

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siobhanalexander June 18, 2009 at 4:51 am

Jace Hall has brought together some of the greats from past Star Trek on It’s definitely worth a look.


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