A Conservative Shift in California

by Sal on May 12, 2009

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California has been a bastion of liberalism for the last 20+ years, not having supported a Republican for President since 1988, and being known for its bloated government and liberal social policy.  Yet, as I’ve often theorized, liberalism as an agenda is not sustainable, and eventually even places like California will reach a tipping point and shift rightward.  That may happen as soon as next week in California.

California has already shown its lurch to the right on social issues.  In the last election, Prop. 8 passed, overturning the State Supreme Court’s decision that outlawed gay marriage.  Now, the California electorate is turning to fiscal issues.  Because of the inflated home values and high cost of living in California, the residents of The Golden State are being hit hard in this economic crisis.  Many families are being forced to cut back and streamline their budgets.  At the same time, the State Government is not following the same rules (typical liberals).  They are not seriously reducing spending, but proposing big tax increases in order to balance the state budget.  The people in California have had enough.  On May 19, they go to the polls to vote on the tax increases proposed, and it is likely that the increases will fail to pass.

If Californians reject the tax increases, it should send a message to Conservatives everywhere that fiscal responsibility is a winning issue.  In prosperous times, liberal policies can be hidden and can be snuck through.  The damage that they cause is more long-term, and the effects may not be recognizable until far into the future.  In troubled economic times like we find ourselves now in, liberalism’s effects will not be so long-term, and the American people will see again how damaging they are.  This unprecedented crisis may end up giving Conservatives a platform like none before to reduce the size of government and return America to its constitutional roots.  If it can happen in California, it can happen anywhere.

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