San Fran Nan Looks Like a Sham

by Ryan on May 14, 2009

in Politics,War on Terror

This just gets better from the San Francisco Treat!  Internal polling data has to be devastating.  Word around the watercooler ain’t that nice!

It’s very very hard to follow the House Speaker’s memory and recent statements.  Sometimes she “misremembers” this and that, sometimes she throws the CIA under the bus to cover herself (as a rule, don’t upset the CIA unnecessarily). 

Here’s what happened today:  So, Bush lied, the CIA had a pattern of “misleading,” she knew that the word “waterboarding” was mentioned, but not used. Blah blah blah.  She’s completely unraveling.  

I agree with Minority Leader John Boehner — let’s get everything out there!  All we need are schedules, briefing notes and cooperation by the parties involved… fat chance! 

The Dems are reeling from this, and I love it — I’m not a fan of Monday-morning quarterbacking for blatant political gain.  She should start listening for the quiet footsteps of Steny Hoyer; that might be kind of difficult since she’s paying more attention to that train wreck she’s in the process of experiencing.

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