Obama Speaks: We’ve Got Too Much Debt

by Ryan on May 15, 2009

in Economy,Politics

$800 billion in stimulus here, wanting $634 billion in health care downpayments there, $3.6 trillion budget with a measley $17 billion in trimming, added to a 95% tax cut for everybody (even those who don’t pay taxes), two wars, entitlement programs gone amok…

But wait, there’s more!   

Millions of dollars in “stimulus” has gone out to nearly 10,000 dead people (I don’t care how big the check is, no stimulus is going to work on them!).  I’m sure there’s more highlights, but keep in mind this is only the first four months of the Obama Nation!

But, despite all his wizarding skills, the young First Year, Barry, apparently believes that (ahem) we’ve got too much debt and these current debt levels are “unsustainable”! 

… Hmm?…

I read that article and laughed out loud!  I laughed for two reasons: 1) well, duh! It’s so ridiculous coming from Obama’s mouth that it’s funny on its own merits, and 2)  if he is to be believed in his sentiments, then Obama so monumentally two-faced and scary that my coping mechanisms clicked on and produced laughter.

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MAS1916 May 19, 2009 at 12:21 pm

Look out now! Obama is looking for ‘bipartisan’ support in taking over Health Care.

The Bipartisanship Trap is real and must be avoided at all costs. If Democrats were so certain their policies would bring prosperity and would succeed economically, they would NEVER say anything like this or ask for GOP participation.

Rahm Emmanuel hosted a group of “centrist” Republicans last week to try and convince them to join Obama in ruining American Health Care. He wasn’t being nice. Emanuel was looking for co-conspirators to blame when the program turns out not to work or needs trillions in additional funding.

Obama, Emmanuel and the entire Democrat establishment are looking for ‘bipartisanship’ support so they will have someone to at least share the blame.

Democrats have laid ‘Bipartisanship Traps’ all over DC. Republicans must avoid these at all costs. ( for a more detailed list of the to ten bipartisanship traps, you can look at:


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