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by Ryan on May 19, 2009

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It’s been a heck of a ride!  Since mid-January the latest season of 24 has been a Monday night ritual that has never let me down!  I didn’t like the way Season 6 ended (a bit anti-climactic) and was put-off by the notion of where we go after the WMD actually goes off! 

Well, Season 7 didn’t try to out-do any of the previous “days,” it just did it’s own thing and never failed to satisfy in my opinion.  (Season 3 is still my favorite, though

I’m not going to ruin any details about Season 7 since many 24 fans wait until the DVD to watch it.  As it turns out, the DVD is available today

It’s one of my favorites because it was more intimate than the recent “days,” with all the action and “classic Jack” we all want to see in 24.  The stakes are high (not super high) but significant and intense.  Jack goes through a emotional roller coaster (which takes us with him), along with a government turning away from “enhanced investigation techniques,” which views Jack Bauer and CTU as a outdated product of another era… until trouble pops up and we need someone to defuse the ticking-timebomb Jack-style.

The beauty behind this show is that we all want to believe that our government has a Jack Bauer there who will do anything it takes to keep the people safe no matter what.  In 24 Season 7, Jack has to come to terms with the things he personally did in the service of our nation at a time when our nation no longer appreciates it.

Great season all around.  Little soft-landing over the last few episodes, but more emotionally potent than other “days,” without sacrificing the action we’ve come to expect from such a great series.

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Sal May 19, 2009 at 9:56 pm


I agree completely Ryan. I thought last night’s finale struck the right balance between action and great character moments, and tied up enough threads, but left just enough open to keep my interest going into next January (I hate these 8-month breaks between seasons, but at least there’s no writer’s strike on the horizon this time). I came to really enjoy the character of Renee Walker, and think she makes a great addition to the cast. Her transformation from a law-and-order FBI-type to someone like Jack who will “Do what it takes” was fascinating. Jack’s struggle with the things he has done in the name of protecting American citizens was also quite poignant. It speaks to the fact that just because we need people like Jack Bauer, what they have to do must take an emotional toll. There’s no denying that.

All in all, a very satisfying season of 24, and up there in my top 3 (Seasons 4, 5, and 7). I’m anxiously awaiting season 8. Tick..Tick..Tick..Tick…


Chris May 20, 2009 at 9:01 am

NOTE: If anyone reading hasn’t yet watched, THERE MAY BE SPOILERS IN WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN.

Many were saying how this season was going to be different; a great departure from “days” past. Despite these differences, I think this probably was one of the best seasons, if not the best season.

A major theme behind this season and the finale was that “Choices have consequences” and in their own way, each character had come to terms with their choice and began to accept the consqeuences.

With Jack, the season began where he was facing the consequences for the choices he made in protecting the country and that was possibly prison. That consquence by the end of the season had shifted that instead of facing prison, he was facing his death, as a result of the choice he made to protect the country. He had come to accept it in his refusal to allow Kim to have the experimental surgery and treatment performed. The tie-ins to Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp were uncanny (maybe because Vince Flynn had been a creative consultant for 24). I agree 100% with Sal and Ryan on the emotional toll it takes on someone like Jack and for what these people sacrifice, we should all be thankful.

I also was glad we saw Kim Bauer return and we saw that still dealing with exercising her demons (note: the baby’s name is Terry). We have seen the relationship between Kim and Jack be affected by Jack’s work and through everything they have been through, Kim wants to build what was lost and that’s why her decision at the end was mature and brave. Her Face/Off move with the pen was also quite cool.

Renee Walker was a great addition to the show. As the season progressed, her character grew, especially when she stepped into the leadership shoes after the death of Larry Moss. Also, I like the relationship that she and Jack developed: there was a mutual respect for what each does and while they may disagree in tactics, they are both dedicating their lives and careers to protecting the United States. In the end, she came to a crossroads as to whether she should continue her ‘by the books, FBI training’ or follow Jack Bauer’s path and do “whatever it takes.” Very good cliffhanger…I believe that she reverted to “by the books.”

Tony Almeida is notable this season as a result of the pretzel twists his character took. It was something to see that his motive was pure revenge. From The Godfather, we learned the phrase, “It’s not personal it’s stictly business.” We can apply the exact opposite: “It’s not business, it’s strictly personal.” The my son was killed statements was also an interesting Godfather tie-in.

And in my opinion, the most intense story line dealt with the conflict between President Taylor and Olivia. I was not a fan of Olivia Taylor, but to watch her go down, one can almost feel sorry for her. President Taylor had faced many tough decisions this season, but this had to be her toughest: to lose her second child (this time to a life sentence), to protect the Constitution and keep her presidential power and influence; or to destroy the evidence, cover up the crime, take the chance of destroying her administration and losing power. A very thorough conflict and very principled conclusion she made that the country and Constitution is bigger than her family. She may come to regret this as I believe the relationship between she and her husband will deteriorate.

Day 7 of 24 did not disappoint, I loved the location change to DC and look forward to what will be in store on Day 8 in NYC.


Ryan May 20, 2009 at 4:45 pm

I have to agree, Chris, with kind of feeling bad for Olivia, but I’m sure if I watched it on DVD, the recklessness of what she did would be more fresh and her downfall sweet. I figured from the time Pierce dropped her off at that journalist’s pad that it would be Aaron who’d bring her down. I was not disappointed.

Renee did not only add to the plot, but was pretty good eye candy as well… then Kim shows up and it’s A+ (someone needed to balance having to watch decidedly NOT eye-candy-like Janine Garafalo all season!).

The buzz around work was that of disappointment in the soft-landing the season took in its last hour. I can see their point, but I also know why the writers did that. I liked the cliffhanger feel of it, but it also tied up some loose ends at the same time. It wasn’t crazy-awesome like season five with the return of the Chinese to nab Jack in the last ten minutes (that was wicked nuts!), but it wasn’t season six’s dull staring into the morning thing either.


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