This “Missing Link” is Not That Cool

by Ryan on May 20, 2009

in science

The lemur/monkey, Ida, is a 47 million year old skeleton which indicates a common ancestor to both the lemur family and the monkey family. 

It’s a neat find, but does it tells us anything new about human evolution?  Yeah, but not in the right direction… we’re supposed to get closer to the Ape-Man, not further away!  When I heard about a “missing link” being found on the on the evolutionary train I was expecting some kind of big-browed, human-like upright skeleton, that if you just put some skin and a prehistoric haircut on it you’d see an almost-us! 

Alas no.  Put skin and a prehistoric haircut on Ida and she’d look like a dinosaur kind of thing!  That’s simply not enough to get me excited about a missing link.

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Ron Russell May 21, 2009 at 6:24 pm

Looks like a lizard with a long tail, my great,great,……………great grandfather—I have doubts.


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