Rush Is Right: Avoid Clinton Nostalgia

by Mike on May 25, 2009

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With Barack Obama attempting to nationalize banks, auto companies, and the health care system, it’s no wonder that many conservatives wax nostalgic for the days of Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush.  Heck, some are even at the point where they would settle for the days when a Democrat president presided over welfare reform, a balanced budget, slower growth of government, and the expansion of international markets through agreements like NAFTA.  Last Friday, Rush Limbaugh warned his listeners against giving in to what would have been unthinkable as little as a year ago, Clinton nostalgia.

According to Rush, Clinton wanted to do everything Obama is doing now; he  just couldn’t.  Remember, most of Clinton’s accomplishments occurred because the first Republican Congress in 40 years forced Clinton to choose between signing proposals he didn’t believe in (tax cuts, slowing the growth of spending, balanced budgets, welfare reform)and political survival.  Clinton chose political survival.

At this point, people who think as we do are not in a position to place the current President between the same rock and hard place (because I’m discussing Bill Clinton, I am now obliged to say “no pun intended”).  When Clinton faced the same political reality in his first two years as Obama faces now, the differences betweeen Clinton and Obama are less significant.  Rush is right.  Let’s not wax nostalgic about Bill Clinton.

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Moogie P May 26, 2009 at 5:44 pm

Where is Monica when we need her?!?!


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