Today It’s My GM

by Ryan on June 1, 2009

in Economy,Tyranny

I own GM and so do you!  So, when do I get my fancy new car?  It’s mostly my company right (60% or so)?


We all know that General Motors was on the way to become “Government Motors” for some time now and it finally happened today as they officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  I’m glad the government has hired the right 31-year-olds who just got out of school, who have never set foot in an auto plant, who described the Treasury Department’s approach from November to February as “a little scary,” who are now the leading players in remaking GM. 


Jeez!  Even Pravda is making fun of our recent decent into our latest corporatist tryst.  At least Our Leader has indicated that we have no interest in running GM:

But, nonetheless here we are.  It’s like saying you’re not interested in having an affair, but doing it anyway telling your spouse that it was a tough decision.  Gimme a break!  This is what the Obama Nation has been angling for since November 4 and now they have it — the marriage of government, private business, and labor unions in order to promote a socio-political agenda.  It’s only June of Year 1 and we’re already here.  We should have let GM  fail last Winter, not turning them into the latest zombie lurking through the murk.

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Ron Russell June 2, 2009 at 5:18 am

The new “Government Motors” will have distinct advantages when operating against competitors such as Ford Motors. The government will soon be buying many new cars for it various fleets, and I am wondering if these contracts will be open to competitive bids. I know that Ford had a problems back during the days of the Roosevelt administration with such fleet bids. Will the government motors seek to under-cut the its competitions by using governments subsidities for its new company—many, many questions have to be answered.

I’ve added you to my blogroll at TOTUS.


Glenn Cassel AMH1(AW) USN Retired June 2, 2009 at 10:01 am

For me, make it a Silverado K2500 Shortbox Crew Cab with the Diesel and four wheel drive. For the Missus a Hybrid/FlexFuel Tahoe would suit the bill just fine. The hybrid/flex fuel is because she is from Illinois by way of San Diego, CA. And as for the larger seating capacity, we have six grandchildren in the immediate area. The space is necessary.


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