Labour Government Continues Downward Spiral: Jacqui Smith Resigns

by Mike on June 2, 2009

in UK Politics

Gordon Brown’s government continues to fall apart over in the UK as Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has announced that she is resigning from the Cabinet.  Apparently,the pressure she faced after charging British taxpayers for her husband’s porno flicks was just too much to handle.

As many of you know, the revelations about Smith are only the latest details of a political scandal that has been unfolding over the last month.  Over the last month or so, several members of the UK’s House of Commons have been embarrassed as the Telegraph revealed the extent to which MPs abused the system that allowed them to claim various expenses related to their service.  Many claims were simply over the top, such as an MP who had the taxpayers pay for his moat to be cleaned, an MP who had taxpayers pay for his daughter’s London flat, and and an MP who had taxpayers pay for his already-paid-off mortgage (was this our President’s inspiration?).   Now the scandal has infected Gordon Brown’s government.

Although the scandal has implicated all three of the major parties, it is becoming increasingly obvious that David Cameron has handled the scandal much better than Gordon Brown.  So high the Tories’ fortunes that some polls now show the Brown’s Labour Party in third place.  Maybe that’s why recent sessions of Prime Minister’s Questions have been nothing more than mocking sessions. As a fan of the Conservative Party, it is amusing to see Gordon Brown’s government fall apart before our very eyes.

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