Obama on Iran: Trust ‘Em, While Isolating Israel

by Ryan on June 2, 2009

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Our Leader has spoken (fast-forward to 2:26 for this money-quote, then his naivety on display thereafter):

“Iran has legitimate energy concerns, legitimate aspirations…”

Has anyone informed the Beneficent One that we tried this same appeasement approach to a belligerent nation seeking nuclear “energy” in the past?  That would have been North Korea!  But at least when NK was bamboozling us during the 1990s and early 2000s they weren’t openly calling for the destruction of their Jewish neighbor during the process! 

He’s right that the international community (read: Israel, Saudi Arabia) “has a very real interest” in preventing a nuclear arms race, but what does Obama think is going to happen?  It’s the same naive approach we took with the North Koreans.

So what will Obama have to say when Israel moves to preemptively stop a nuclear Iran?  What will he do once Iran has nukes, or when Saudi Arabia, then Jordan, then Syria, then Iraq demand their right to nuclear “energy?”  Where’s his “very real interest” in that scenario?  We’re ostensibly putting Iran’s malicious interests above those of our long-time friend and ally Israel, which will cause unneeded friction, lowering US influence in tempering Israeli affairs. 

Ultimately, Obama’s statement is naive, dangerous, and needlessly betrays a friend at the expense of an enemy.

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