A New al Qaeda Threat — Through Mexico?

by Ryan on June 3, 2009

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Sara Carter from the Washington Times has unearthed this story about an al Qaeda recruiter speaking plainly about a plan to sneak anthrax or some other biological agent into America through tunnels between the US and Mexico and dispersing it in populated areas, including even on the White House lawn.  Then, even before entering America, al Qaeda will have formed an alliance with anti-government white supremacist groups bend on taking down our own regime in order to get the attack done.

Sound crazy?  About as crazy as 19 hijackers using planes as WMDs in a coordinated attack on major symbolic targets within the United States.  Our enemies are resourceful, determined, confident in their twisted belief that what they are doing is right, they aren’t working by our timetable, and should never be underestimated.

Right now our intelligence agencies don’t believe al Qaeda has the weapons on-hand to pull off such a brazen attack through our porous Southern border — which is great.

But here’s what we do know: 

  • al Qaeda is legitimately interested in penetrating our porous border with Mexico,
  • the recruiter shown in the above link is a real “person of interest” with direct ties to Mullah Omar, and
  • the DEA knows of interest in communication between Mexican drug cartels and Hezbollah, Hamas and al Qaeda.

I thought the War on Terror was over!  What gives?  President Obama is apologizing this very week for our behavior in the past towards Islamic people — however, he’s not likely to mention the liberation of 50 million Muslims from brutal dictatorships, aiding Muslims in Europe during the Yugoslavian civil war, nor regarding the massive amounts of humanitarian effort the US gives to poor Muslim nations or peoples impacted by natural disasters, nor our basic founding concept that people all yearn to be free… no, none of that from Barry, just the bad stuff. 

And yet al Qaeda still hates us?  The Obama Team must be miffed!  Agreeing to disagree is a liberal (little “L,” of course) Western concept.  To dictators everywhere and at any time in history, compromise screams weakness unless backed up with the threat of force.  And weakness always invites danger.

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Chris June 4, 2009 at 5:41 pm

Vince Flynn touched on this very threat in his novel Memorial Day.

Maybe it will be less likely over San Ysidro, but there’s a greater chance at a smaller border crossing. Very scary times in which we live and a president who makes me more nervous.


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