Latest New Jersey Gubernatorial Race Poll: Christie Up Big on Corzine

by Ryan on June 5, 2009

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I’ve followed a simple rule in NJ politics since arriving here in 2001:  in the primaries, you vote your conscience; in the general election, you vote against Corzine.

Thusly, I voted in last Tuesday’s Republican primary for Steve Lonegan.  I met him last summer and know where he stands on the issues, so I was convinced that he was the true conservative with a shot in the primaries.  Alas, Chris Christie (a complete RINO on social issues) won decisively and will get my support to oust that economic train wreck, Jon Corzine. 

I know it’s early, but Rasmussen has come out with a poll showing Christie with a sizable lead over Corzine, 51-38%.  In national and most statewide elections, being below 50% is a danger zone for incumbents.  However, there’s a post-primary bounce built-in, plus Corzine is slated to spend four times as much money as Christie in the Fall. 

This election will boil down to an anti-Corzine vote.  Based on anecdote, even many public school teachers I know want to “Dump Corzine,” despite the religious prostrating he does to the NJEA teachers union!  I can’t see NJ, as liberal as it is, sticking with Corzine in the Fall for another four years — the property taxes, major toll hikes, anti-business climate and huge debt New Jerseyans have endured must have a threshold before breaking.  One hopes, anyway.

NOTE:  the last Republican to win a statewide election in NJ was a RINO named “Christine” in 1997.  Maybe Chris Christie can keep that trend going!

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Robert July 6, 2009 at 2:22 pm

We all know it will be business as usual come the next election.
It don’t matter, anybody with internet access knows that NJ is not really governed, but instead run by ‘bosses’. it, it, you will see how this state is really run. It is one big money grab.


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