New Poll: Cheney More Popular than Pelosi!

by Ryan on June 5, 2009

in Media Bias,Politics

OK, it’s a USA Today/Gallup poll of about 1000 “adults”, which under normal circumstances is about as accurate as a show of hands at a hoppin’ dance club around 1 am, but nonetheless Dick Cheney ended up with a higher favorability rating than San Fran Nancy Pelosi, 37-34% respectively!

For goodness sake, Darth Cheney is more favorable amongst “adults” than the Joker?!  The poll’s spin is that both are in the dumps, but Cheney’s always been in the dumps — the real story is that Pelosi is so unpopular that she’s now in Cheney country!  As you know I heart Dick Cheney and understand why he’s generally unpopular, but I love that despite that fact, there is a nationally published poll having him slightly edging Pelosi on the favorable front! 

Sweetness.  (BTW, love this picture!)

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