Obama’s Czar Problem

by Ryan on June 6, 2009

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So far, Obama has been all about appointing and keeping “czars” beyond the traditional Drug Czar or Security Czar, to all sorts of new czarsbank bailout czar, energy czar, car czar, US border czar, urban czar, regulatory czar, stimulus accountability czar, Iran czar, Afghanistan czar, Pakistan czar, Middle East czar, cyber security czar, Great Lakes czar, health care reform czar, to name a few.  I think the running list is roughly about 20 or so, but a web search of an actual list is quite elusive, so is a public posting of how much we’re paying for all of the President’s new advisers. 

Until now, Obama hasn’t had a real job in his life which required him to be specifically accountable for anything and the presidency is a pretty demanding job from what I hear.  So, I understand that he wants to hire people to do most of his job for him, to take the fall if something goes wrong, and get input from those who have allegedly more expertise than even the One:  a huge and potentially expensive CYA move on his part.

But is this all constitutional? 

The President has constitutionally provided advisers:  his cabinet secretaries.  Unlike his cabinet, these czars are not accountable to Congress, they are not approved by Congress, they have not been mandated by Congress, and their legal scope and breadth has not been established through legislation or through court precedent.  So, what right does the President have to keep appointing a shadow cabinet who are only accountable to him in such a fashion?  None, constitutionally.

Some are concerned.  Neil Cavuto has spoken often on this very topic, and even Robert Byrd has warned the President to show discretion when appointing these extra-constitutional positions.  Other members of Congress are equally concerned. 

Obama is not the first President to indulge in czar-appointing, but in typical Obama fashion he’s overdoing it in a way that sparks apprehension, not calm.  I’d love to see Congress take some of oversight power back… but I think nothing of the sort will manifest until at least January 2011.

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Sal June 7, 2009 at 8:45 pm

If Obama’s popularity starts to slip, watch the Dems to turn on him and reassert the balance of powers. Otherwise, we’ll have to wait.


Amy June 13, 2009 at 4:28 pm

Politifact has a list of 28 czars in verifying McCain’s charge that Obama has more czars than the Romanavs.


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