Obama’s Plan to Bulldoze U.S. Cities

by Sal on June 13, 2009

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The Obama administration is exploring a plan to “rescue” stagnating cities in the industrial rust belt of the nation’s Midwest and east coast.  The plan is to explore the option of bulldozing large portions of these cities and “returning them back to nature.”  The theory is that these cities are stagnating, and that the only way for them to maintain viability is to forcibly shrink them.  The plan is based around Flint, Michgan, which has been working on this very idea for the past few months.  The treasurer of Genesse County, the county that includes Flint told Obama about his plans during the campaign, and it intrigued Obama and the liberal Brookings Institute, so Obama has now put the the Treasurer of Genesse County, Dan Kildee, in charge of exploring this concept for over 50 cities.

These cities include cities such as Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh.  It is no secret that many of these cities are stagnating or on the decline, but is the answer really shrinking them and returning portions of them to “nature?”  The cities mentioned are on the decline because of rather steady Democrat leadership over the past 50 years.  Most major cities that have been subjected to liberal, Democrat policy are now on the decline.  All that may really be needed is some fresh, Conservative leadership.

About 20 years ago, another great American city was widely believed to be on the decline.  It’s commercial viability was shrinking, the city was  a cesspool of crime, and people did not describe it as a great place to live.  That city was New York City, and it was brought out of decline and into prosperity by a fresh Republican leader, Rudy Giuliani, who transformed the way the city was run.  Now, New York is flourishing (although its prosperity threatens to be undermined by New York State’s oppressive new tax code).  Maybe the tried-and-true Conservative solutions tried in New York should be practiced elsewhere.  Then, we can let the cities organically grow or decline, rather than have bureaucrats in Washington making those decisions.

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Chris June 13, 2009 at 6:49 pm

It’s quite interesting that DEMOCRATS run most citites and DEMOCRATS want to run their own cities into the groud (figuratively, they’ve been doing that for years, but now they literally want to do that).

Newark, our local city that has a significant problem with crime also has a problem of vacant buildings and vacant lots. At night, those places are scary and barbed wire cannot keep out drug dealers and those wishing to meet up, commit crimes and cause trouble. While it may be more open, I fear driving through an area of Newark with vacant lots the most.

Democrats are showing their lack of ingenuity by simply ‘giving up.’ This does not address crime or how to get business back into the city. A great way to stop the population bleed of the cities would be to:
a) lower taxes
b) focus on building the police and fire
c) fight quality of life issues

These items not only worked in NYC, but Hoboken and Red Bank. The Democrats who run the latter two cities saw what was occurring in NYC during the Giuliani Administration, took what he did and tried it in their own cities. Combine that with lower priced real estate and the close location to rail lines, there is potential for a comeback. As a result, gentrification occurred and the Dump on the Hudson and Dead Bank were restored and are now two great places to live, work and go for dinner and a few drinks.


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