Obama as “God”

by Ryan on June 14, 2009

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Last week Newsweek‘s Evan Thomas went on “Hardball” and told the thrilled Chris Matthews that unlike Reagan who spoke for America, Obama transcends nation and people as a god-like figure:

Well, if you take religion and religious ethics out of our institutions, out of mainstream “hip” society, and attempt to force religion into accepting secular values by viewing religious institutions as merely secular ones, then what replaces that human yearning to appreciate the grandness of the Great Mystery? 

The State, of course, and those in charge of the State, like Obama in this case.  For the Lefties to be so anti-religion, the thrills, tingles and visions of the Almighty must seem very odd when Obama manifests his divinity, but they prostrate themselves nonetheless. 

In the 19th Century, Nietzsche told us that God was dead (killed by rationalism and science, which the Progressives and socialists loved back in the day), and also told us that we humans must be arbiters of our own morality, ostensibly making the new divinity those who are wise enough lead us, the Ubermensch.  Well, it’s pretty obvious over at MSLSD who’s uber all of them.  “God” is alive and well at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  This is the only way Obama can be “above America” (and philosophically above our Constitution too – should the need arise) in order to bring peace and order to humanity. 

If this keeps up, pretty soon the Obama-ites and the Green Religion folks might bump heads… uh oh!  I’d take the Greens in that fight since they tend to be activists, while the followers of Obama are quite used to being on their knees.

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