Conservatism Lives in 2009!

by Ryan on June 15, 2009

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Gallup has issued the results of a massive poll indicating that Americans still identify themselves as a center-right country, with 40% of respondents identifying themselves as “conservative,” plus another 35% as “moderate.”  That’s roughly 75% of the country either in the political Center or the Right (read: not liberal). 

Of course, you’ll always have a good chunk of Americans viewing themselves as “moderate” because many believe that moderate equals open-minded.  Nonetheless a full 31% called themselves at minimum “conservative,” which is more than any combination of  ”liberal.” 

It reinforces the idea that 2008 was not a grand realignment, but the by-product of short-term political forces aligning against George W. Bush and many intense years of war — we wanted a reprieve and thought Obama was just that.  Apparently, America has not moved to the Left since Obama’s victory, and the “conservative” numbers are nearly as high as they were in 1994.  It’s a good sign for two reasons:  conservatism is still strong, plus it means that support for Obama will eventually come down to earth once his policies have the chance to stew.

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Sal June 15, 2009 at 8:27 pm

During the election, the Battleground Poll asked the question slightly differently, giving the following choices:

Very Conservative
Somewhat Conservative
Somewhat Liberal
Very Liberal

When people were given those choices, the number for very conservative and somewhat conservative combined was consistently around 57-60%, with only about 5% declaring themselves moderate and about 33-38% declaring themselves liberal or somewhat liberal. Those numbers show what I have believed for a long time — we are a right-of-center nation.


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