“Meddling” in Iran

by Ryan on June 17, 2009

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Earlier this week, Obama gave a high-profile speech not defending the democracy movement in Iran saying that given our history with Iran, an American President should not meddle with them

I know that he’s trying to wait and see, not turning Iran into Obama’s version of Hungary in 1956, but in principle he should have shown more solidarity with the protester’s motives.  Regardless, Iran’s blaming us for meddling anyway!  Obama can’t win here because he initially chose to waffle.

Perhaps nothing will happen towards Iranian democracy when the dust settles, but our President should not be a relativist when it comes to freedom.  He should never infer that the people of Iran have spoken, especially when those people are under the boot of a theocratic oligarchy.  Back in the Cold War (and even as far back as 2003 regarding Iraq), we understood that such a totalitarian situation means that people with an AK-47 at their backs aren’t in the position for real self-determination. 

As a kid who was in junior high when Eastern Europe was demonstrating and attaining their freedom and when the Chinese mowed down students at Tiananmen, few things bug me more than when our leaders wuss out on defending freedom movements in oppressive regimes bent on destroying our allies and cheering “Death to America” as a solution to everything.

Although the Iranian authorities have tried to shut out the foreign press, YouTube, Twitter and the Internet in general are undercutting the lack of transparency the Ayatollah’s want.  This video is from today.  The protests don’t seem to be cooling off despite the Ayatollah’s selective recount, or Obama’s political calculations.

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