Obamacare is Lurking

by Ryan on June 17, 2009

in Economy,Politics

Part of the danger of the Obama Nation (and undoubtedly part of their strategy) is to inundate the public with so much volume of crises and massive government responses that no one (even Obama) could come close to wrapping their brains around what has happened over the last 5-6 months.

Obamacare is just the latest incarnation of that insatiable power-hungry beast, but one which may finally stir the people into slight anti-government dissent.  I don’t even know where one could begin to tackle this issue since it’s still very early in the President’s push, there are conflicting plans and numbers (all very scary at this point), and the principles involved are so overarching and fundamental that my head cocks rightward slightly as my eyes begin to cross.

Yet, David Catron from the American Spectator has written a piece which tackles the bare-bone basics of what Obama’s trying to do and the potential repercussions:  Obamacare would be substantially more costly, with substantially less care for the sick than the current system.  And that’s where we’re starting from.

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