Violence in Iran Escalates

by Ryan on June 20, 2009

in International Relations,Tyranny

The word out of Iran is this:  violence.  The pro-Mousavi protesters decided not to acquiesce to Supreme Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s meaningless recount gesture, which reinforced Ahmadinejad’s victory.  Nor have they disappeared after Khamenei promised to crack heads if the protests didn’t disappear.

Well, the head-cracking has begun.  Word out of Iran at this moment is that nearly 60 people have been hospitalized from a police crackdown with tear-gas, truncheons, and water cannons, an explosion has been reported hear the mean old Ayatollah Khomenei’s Shrine, and a new shout was heard echoing through Revolution Square today — “Death to Dictators!”  Events are still unfolding and info is very touchy from Iran.  Here’s some raw video:

Perhaps Khamenei remembers how the Shah reacted to public disorder — pretty much the same way, with dead bodies sprinkled into the mix.  Oddly, Ahmadinejad could have won this election legitimately, but the Ayatollah’s are predictably messing everything up at every possible juncture.

So what happens next?  Martyrdom, terrorism, the imams could take different sides, scapegoating, general strikes, or something on no one’s radar.  Either way it is fascinating to watch.


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