Neda, the New “Voice” of Iran

by Ryan on June 22, 2009

in International Relations,Politics,Tyranny,War on Terror

A young woman, Neda Soltan, (whose name means “voice” or “calling”) was protesting with her dad on Saturday when she was shot in the chest by the basij, the plain-clothed Iranian secret police.  Video of her death has leaked out and spread across the Internet and some of the protest leaders have called for Thursday to be a day of remembrance for Neda and all the others killed by the regime. 

WARNING: it’s very graphic and terribly sad.  Here’s the link.

Now more than ever, the Obama Administration needs to finally take a strong stand.  Even Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton have been rumored to be pushing Obama to act like a real American President on this issue.  I’m sure this video has put even more pressure on the Administration than anything else to this point.

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