Fox News Smackdown

by Sal on June 24, 2009

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No wonder President Obama doesn’t like Fox News.  They are the only media outlet doing their jobs by asking tough questions of the one on a consistent basis.  At yesterday’s press conference (which admittedly contained more substinative questions than Obama’s last press conference; there were no “what excites you, what humbles you” type questions), Major Garrett of Fox news asked two tough questions of our dear leader:

Garrett’s smackdown of Obama shows just how weak his position on Iran is.  Obama refuses to take a stand, except to condemn violence in the abstract.  He issues no ultimatums, and even refuses to commit to cancelling 4th of July plans with the Iranian dictator thugs.  This kind of “diplomacy” was tried with Iran before, under the “leadership” of President Jimmy Carter.  That effort ended with American hostages being taken, and a movement that started the Islamo-faciest movement that led to 9/11.  Hopefully, Obama’s actions won’t have the same disastrous result, but the Iranian people reached out and were looking for support from America (why else were their signs in English instead of Arabic?), and our government ignored their cries for help.  Fortunately, ordinary Americans have been able to demonstrate their support to the Iranian people.  Through the technology of the Internet (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) protesters have received words of encouragement from America, and the world has received first-hand accounts of the protests, and has provided shocking videos of the atrocities perpetuated (this by the way makes the MSM even more irrelevant, but that’s another topic for another day).  Thanks to Major Garrett, Obama’s weakness on this issue was brought to the forefront.

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