Gov’t Run Health Care at the VA

by Ryan on June 24, 2009

in Bioethics,Economy,Politics

Government-controlled health care already exists in America today, in many different ways.  One way is under the Veterans Affairs system — VA hospitals.  Here’s a preview of what happens when the government decides on people’s health care.  Let alone the impact government health care would have on the average Joe Sixpack, this is how the government treats veterans – those who’ve made supreme sacrifices to serve this nation in such profound and dangerous ways to make sure we don’t have to.  Truly honorable citizens. 

Here are a few tidbits from the VA:

  • Average VA facilities are 49 years old; only 12 years in the private sector
  • Thousands of vets have been unnecessarily exposed to Hepatitis and HIV
  • Botched radiation treatments on hundreds of cancer patients
  • Doctors giving the wrong treatments due to a lack of competence and proper records

Very scary.  I know that some in the VA system work really hard and are very competent, and some soldiers have great experiences with the system, but the true test of a system is how it treats you in the worst of circumstances, and reports like these are not painting a great picture.

I hope the American people will slowly wake-up to the potential financial and practical problems with government health care — some have already experienced it.

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