The Global Warming Paradox

by Sal on June 24, 2009

in Nature,Politics

At the American Thinker, Larry Anderson points out how the issue of global warming has become somewhat of a paradox.  On the one hand, Congress is in the process of debating and voting on major new legislation to deal with the high amount of CO2 emissions leading to Global Warming, legislation that will severely impact the lifestyles and pocketbooks of most Americans.  On the other hand, the evidence is mounting against the concept of global warming (hence the new trend to refer to it as “Global Climate Change.”)  The administration seems to be rushing this legislation through, perhaps because they know that the evidence is against them, and that eventually people will catch on.  Anyone living in New England right now can attest to that, as we just finished one of our coldest winters in recent memory, and are now enjoying an unseasonably cool June with temperatures a good 15-20 degrees colder than they should be.

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