The Endless Fawning Over Obama By The State-Run Media

by Sal on June 25, 2009

in Media,Media Bias,Politics

I’m all accustomed to seeing the State-run media fawn over our dear leader, creating huge photo spreads, gawking at Michelle Obama’s arms, etc.  But this one takes the cake.  Apparently what passes for a state-run media piece criticizing Barack Obama is one that gently chides him for being “too perfect.”  In the headline article on Politico today entitled Politics of Personal Perfection, Eamon Javers writes “Let’s be honest.  Barack Obama is better than you are.” Throughout the rest of the article, Javers describes Obama as if he is describing a super human, and then acts like this “might” be a fault because people might not be able to relate to him.  Nauseating, isn’t it?

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