What’s Going on in Honduras?

by Ryan on June 29, 2009

in International Relations,Politics,Tyranny

Apparently, the model for successful government in Latin America in recent years has been Hugo Chavez.  Even President Obama is trying to emulate Chavez’s slow buy steady nationalization/consolidation approach!  Confidence and success tend to embolden up-and-coming tin-pot dictators. Such was the situation in Honduras.

The President of Honduras and the people, Supreme Court and military of Honduras are having a disagreement on their Constitution.  President Manuel Zelaya wants to run for another term without an election, despite Constitutional terms limits.  So, last week Zelaya tried moving forward anyway, with help from Venezuela and without regard to the rule of law!  The Congress, Supreme Court, and the military weren’t happy and arrested and exiled him

Zelaya cries “coup” and has the support of Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and of course, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on behalf of the Obama Administration!  This is the second time this month that the Obama crew have initially supported the status quo strong-man over liberty and the constitutional process.  Obama’s ready to “meddle” this time though, on behalf of a wannabe dictator.  Why don’t I feel shocked about this stuff anymore? 

Here’s Obama and the would-be dictator Zelaya chumming a few months ago:

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steve hofacre August 24, 2009 at 11:30 am

I recently returned from Honduras on a pleasure trip. We need to butt out. Seems the folks there (enlarge) don’t want Zelaya and certainly don’t want their constitution tampered with to allow him to play Mini Me to Chavez. The Hondurans have handled it approprietely. Let Zelaya make a monkey out of himself at the border of Nicaraqua for another 5 months until elections and let the Hondurans decide.


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