Steve McNair Found Dead

by Ryan on July 5, 2009

in Sports

I was absolutely shocked when I read about this bizarre story yesterday.  It seems like a very dangerous time to be famous nowadays: Michael Jackson, Farah Fawcett, Billy Mays, Ed McMahon, to name a few who’ve left us over the past few weeks. 

Former NFL quarterback Steve McNair, who spent most of his career at the Tennessee Titans, was found dead yesterday with a 20-year-old female “friend” who was arrested for a DUI on Thursday.  They were both shot to death.  The police don’t have any suspects yet, and the relationship between McNair and the woman is murky at this time.

I always respected McNair as a quarterback.  He gave back to the community and was a great guy by most accounts.  He was also the definition of tough:  always taking hits, getting back up, playing while injured.  He was a scrambling quarterback, which put him in harms way more often than most, and irked many defenses.  For a number of seasons he helped get the Titans to the playoffs, and even to Super Bowl XXXIV.  That final drive was historic, with the Titans coming one yard shy of taking the Super Bowl into its first overtime game.

Here’s some highlights of that game:

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